Range Rover Evoque D180 SE R-Dynamic 2019 UK review

Range Rover Evoque

Baby Range Rover comes of age with improved refinement, interior and technology

How to describe the new Evoque? Like the old Evoque but dialled up by 10 per cent. And that’s exactly how Land Rover wants it.Since launching seven years ago, the Evoque has done for Land Rover what the Cayenne did for Porsche, making it, perhaps, the most important model in its line-up. And while sales normally taper off as a vehicle ages, that hasn’t been the case here. The buyers just keep on coming.When you’ve such a successful formula, wisdom suggests not to mess with it. The second-generation’s design is only a subtle evolution yet looks can be deceiving because this car fresh from the ground up.The body structure is 99.9% new with only the door hinges remaining from the former car. Plus, it sits on a new platform, the Premium Transverse Architecture, which crucially allows for mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants and gives more interior space. Space was a major bugbear on the last Evoque. This new model has almost the same footprint as the previous generation – as dictated by buyers’ wishes – yet the wheelbase is 21mm longer. Land Rover admits that it lost prospective owners the first time round due to poor rear space versus rivals, so you’d imagine this was top of the ‘to improve’ list here.When the Evoque launched, the compact SUV segment barely existed. Now, with a shedload of rivals, the Evoque must not only be on a par for space but everything else too. 

Source: Autocar Online

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