Watch live: Autocar enters the UK's biggest ever motor race

Citroen C1 24hrs Silverstone testing

We’ll be joining 99 other Citroen C1s for a 24-hour race at Silverstone – and you can watch all the action live online

This weekend Silverstone will hold the UK’s biggest ever motor race.

Some 100 Citroen C1 race cars will race on Silverstone’s full GP circuit for 24 hours from Saturday at 5:30pm.

The C1 Racing Club, which races near-standard 3dr, 1.0-litre C1s, has proved so popular as an entry-level motorsport – it’s possible to build a race car from around £3000 – that its series of endurance and 24h races races are routinely oversubscribed, so has obtained permission from Motorsport UK for a bumper entry list.

The race will be streamed live, and available to watch here:

Autocar’s editor-at-large Matt Prior will be racing in car number 303 for a story that’ll be in the magazine and online later. For updates through the race, you can follow Matt and Autocar’s social feeds.


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Source: Autocar Online

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