Sports quiz of the week: play-offs, trebles, a meltdown and the Pope

Who came back? Who took off? Who lashed out?

A couple of years ago, Santi Cazorla underwent 11 operations and was told he would never play football again. What did he do this week?

Returned to the pitch for one final game before retirement

Played in a Cup final for his club

Scored a goal for the first time in three years

Was picked for the Spain squad

Nick Kyrgios offered some frank opinions on fellow tennis players this week. He said Rafa Nadal is “super salty”, Fernando Verdasco is “the most arrogant person ever” and that Novak Djokovic “has a sick obsession with wanting to be liked” and “just wants to be like Roger”. Those comments came out on Wednesday. What did Kyrgios do on Thursday?

He apologised, admitting he was drunk during the interview

He started laying into other athletes, including Leo Messi and Tiger Woods

He played a game of doubles against Verdasco and Djokovic – and lost in straight sets

He was kicked out of a tournament after he smashed his racket, threw a chair across the court and yelled: “I’m fucking done!”

Watford have reached the FA Cup final for only the second time in their history. They lost their first final 2-0 to Everton in 1984. Why was the second goal controversial?

It was at least a metre offside

The striker headed the ball out of the goalkeeper’s hands

Watford had a man down injured but Everton played on

The striker scored with his hands

Deontay Wilder defends his heavyweight world title this weekend against Dominic Breazeale in New York. Breazeale has won 20 of his 21 fights as a pro; who beat him?

Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua

Wladimir Klitschko

Dillian Whyte

After beating Leeds in the play-offs, Derby County are just one win away from reaching the Premier League. How many times did they win in their previous season in the top flight (in 2007-08)?





Which country will host a Formula One grand prix next season for the first time in 35 years?


The Netherlands



Manchester City will complete the first domestic treble in English football if they beat Watford in the FA Cup final on Saturday. Which club has come closest to winning the treble in the past? They won the league title and FA Cup but were beaten in the League Cup final


Manchester United



What did Pope Francis give his blessing to this week?

He met with Leo Messi to bless his feet before the Copa América

He gave the Vatican’s Olympic squad permission to train on Sundays

He laid his hands on the first brick of the new Milan stadium

The Vatican’s new women’s football team

What was the most common scoreline in the Premier League this season?





As he came up to the finish line in a 400m hurdles race this week, college athlete Infinite Tucker was neck-and-neck with a fellow competitor. What did he do to win the race?

He shouted “STOP!” and put off his opponent

He rugby tackled the other athlete

He threw off his shirt and tripped the other guy

He flung himself headfirst towards the line like Superman taking flight

1 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

2 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

3 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend

4 and above.

Respectable. Have a great weekend

5 and above.

That’s a commendable score. Have a great weekend

6 and above.

You’ve done well there. Have a great weekend

7 and above.

You’ve done very well there. Have a great weekend

8 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

10 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

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