Audi TT RS 2019 UK review

Audi’s stonkingly fast ‘mini-R8’ is back on sale after a year-long hiatus and a facelift. We drive it to see if it’s still a worthwhile sports car

On the face of it, a lightly updated version of Audi’s ultimate TT. But it’s more significant than it first appears.Unsurprisingly Audi wasn’t exactly shouting about it, but the TT RS – along with the powertrain-sharing RS 3 – haven’t been available to order for over a year now because the five-cylinder engine was caught in the VW Group’s enormous backlog of variants requiring certification under the new WLTP emissions regulations. But both models are back on sale, now sporting a new particulate filter to keep the nastier emissions in check. Audi has also quietened the exhausts on both as a result of the EU phasing in noise regulations over the next few years.The TT RS’s disappearance from sale coincided with a mild facelift for the rest of the range, so it now benefits from a lightly altered front bumper, modified rear wing and new diffuser design, alongside reshaped sills. There’s also a change of the colour options available inside, while Audi has added wireless phone charging, electric folding door mirrors and privacy glass to the standard kit tally.

Source: Autocar Online

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