Ben Thomas’s best photograph: a 2.7-second Formula One pit-stop

‘I had one press of the button. Thankfully, I kept my cool and the shot came off’

I grew up in Adelaide, which hosted the Australian Grand Prix until 1995. I lived close to the track. From my house, I could hear the cars screeching. It was a huge spectacle and it felt as if everyone followed it in some way. I got to watch the racing on a couple of occasions, but as I grew older drifted away from the sport.

Today I live in Melbourne, where the race is now held. Being here has helped me to reconnect with the sport. I knew Formula One was coming to town so I asked the McLaren team to let me shoot with them. I explained that I was interested in understanding the team, not just photographing the race. I didn’t want to shoot your typical F1 shot. I was amazed when they agreed.

The second thing that’s interesting is that about 90% of the people watching are looking through their phones

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