BMW 3 Series 318d Sport auto 2019 UK review

BMW 318d front three quarters on the road

Entry-level diesel is likeable addition to range but doesn’t live up to the best of the 3 Series line-up

Many of you might remember a fascinating 1990s documentary – From A to B: Tales of Modern Motoring (YouTube gold) – that saw a range of middle managers dismissing lower trim levels and engine variants because their cars were the ultimate status symbols. Chances are they wouldn’t be too happy with a BMW 318d. But, in a car as capable as the 3 Series, surely there are no bad choices…The 318d Sport we’re driving here has a lot to live up to, if its ubiquitous 320d sibling is anything to go by. The most popular variant – a 320d in range-topping M Sport trim – of this latest, seventh-generation model was awarded a rare five stars in a recent Autocar road test.What’s new on this latest 3 Series, then? Ultimately, it’s more of the same, just dialled up by 5%: wider tracks, a longer wheelbase for more space, reduced weight and drag, plus improved interior quality and revised equipment.

Source: Autocar Online

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