Hardcore McLaren 620R confirmed, first spy shots emerge

2020 McLaren 620R spy shots

McLaren 620R prototype – pictures taken by Stefan Baldauf

McLaren will produce a road-legal version of a GT4 racing car, set to be offered to customers by invitation only

McLaren has confirmed to Autocar that it will be building a road-going GT4 racing car based on the 600LT, dubbed 620R.

Spotted testing for the first time, the 620R features a design linked to that of last year’s ultra-exclusive 570S MSO X, with an aerodynamic package clearly adapted from that of McLaren’s racing programme. 

Alongside a prominent rear spoiler and front splitter arrangement, there’s a roof-mounted air scoop and new intakes cut out from the bonnet. Further changes include an exhaust feeding out through the bumper in place of the top-exit items of the 600LT, a detail that features in the Woking brand’s GT4 cars. 

A specific wheel design, most likely made from a super-light material such as magnesium, can also be seen. Although this prototype doesn’t appear to sit any lower to the ground, we can speculate that the 620R will feature a bespoke suspension tune compared with the 600LT.  Whether that will be the race-bred coilover setup remains to be seen. 

Running the registration plate reveals that this 620R is powered by the same twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 as the 600LT, but judging by the car’s name, expect that to be boosted to 620hp (612bhp) – more than the regulation-restricted racing models. 

The interior is yet to be seen, but expect faithful race-spec details such as bucket seats, six-point harnesses and the removal of non-essential hardware and features. 

McLaren is yet to reveal any details of the car, but when questioned, a spokesperson confirmed its existence and said: “This IS a car that will be offered to select customers by invitation only.” 

It will be built in strictly limited numbers, although probably not as exclusively as the 10 570S MSO X cars built for US customers, and is expected to cost significantly more than the 600LT. More details should follow some time next year. 

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Source: Autocar Online

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