Charles Leclerc: I lost my father quite early. It changes you forever’

The Ferrari driver talks about the sometimes traumatic personal history behind his development into one of the fastest-rising young stars in Formula One

Charles Leclerc’s tousled hair and boyish looks are disarming, his youth and softly spoken manner belying a motivated and talented driver who is surely a future Formula One world champion in waiting. Only 21 years old and in his second season in F1, Leclerc occupies the most sought‑after seat in motor racing.

Driving for Ferrari carries intense pressure and expectation. Yet Leclerc wears it like a veteran. For Ferrari and for F1, Leclerc is the future. It was tragedy, however, that brought perspective and maturity to this naturally attacking driver.

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Sports quiz of the week: play-offs, trebles, a meltdown and the Pope

Who came back? Who took off? Who lashed out?

A couple of years ago, Santi Cazorla underwent 11 operations and was told he would never play football again. What did he do this week?

Returned to the pitch for one final game before retirement

Played in a Cup final for his club

Scored a goal for the first time in three years

Was picked for the Spain squad

Nick Kyrgios offered some frank opinions on fellow tennis players this week. He said Rafa Nadal is “super salty”, Fernando Verdasco is “the most arrogant person ever” and that Novak Djokovic “has a sick obsession with wanting to be liked” and “just wants to be like Roger”. Those comments came out on Wednesday. What did Kyrgios do on Thursday?

He apologised, admitting he was drunk during the interview

He started laying into other athletes, including Leo Messi and Tiger Woods

He played a game of doubles against Verdasco and Djokovic – and lost in straight sets

He was kicked out of a tournament after he smashed his racket, threw a chair across the court and yelled: “I’m fucking done!”

Watford have reached the FA Cup final for only the second time in their history. They lost their first final 2-0 to Everton in 1984. Why was the second goal controversial?

It was at least a metre offside

The striker headed the ball out of the goalkeeper’s hands

Watford had a man down injured but Everton played on

The striker scored with his hands

Deontay Wilder defends his heavyweight world title this weekend against Dominic Breazeale in New York. Breazeale has won 20 of his 21 fights as a pro; who beat him?

Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua

Wladimir Klitschko

Dillian Whyte

After beating Leeds in the play-offs, Derby County are just one win away from reaching the Premier League. How many times did they win in their previous season in the top flight (in 2007-08)?





Which country will host a Formula One grand prix next season for the first time in 35 years?


The Netherlands



Manchester City will complete the first domestic treble in English football if they beat Watford in the FA Cup final on Saturday. Which club has come closest to winning the treble in the past? They won the league title and FA Cup but were beaten in the League Cup final


Manchester United



What did Pope Francis give his blessing to this week?

He met with Leo Messi to bless his feet before the Copa América

He gave the Vatican’s Olympic squad permission to train on Sundays

He laid his hands on the first brick of the new Milan stadium

The Vatican’s new women’s football team

What was the most common scoreline in the Premier League this season?





As he came up to the finish line in a 400m hurdles race this week, college athlete Infinite Tucker was neck-and-neck with a fellow competitor. What did he do to win the race?

He shouted “STOP!” and put off his opponent

He rugby tackled the other athlete

He threw off his shirt and tripped the other guy

He flung himself headfirst towards the line like Superman taking flight

1 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

2 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

3 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend

4 and above.

Respectable. Have a great weekend

5 and above.

That’s a commendable score. Have a great weekend

6 and above.

You’ve done well there. Have a great weekend

7 and above.

You’ve done very well there. Have a great weekend

8 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Oh dear. That is not a good score.

10 and above.

You legend. Have a great weekend

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Formula One in talks to stage new grand prix in Marrakech

• South Africa hosted last grand prix in continent in 1993
• ‘It is really important to have a race in Africa,’ says Sean Bratches

Formula One could be heading to Morocco after it was revealed that discussions have been staged to hold a race in Marrakech.

Just days after announcing the Dutch Grand Prix will return to the calendar next year, the sport has expressed its desire for a race in Africa.

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Formula One racing returns to Netherlands for the first time in 35 years

• Dutch Grand Prix will be on Formula One calendar next season
• Max Verstappen’s rise has encouraged F1 to strike a deal

Formula One is returning to the Netherlands for the first time in 35 years after announcing the Dutch Grand Prix will be on the calendar next season.

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Lewis Hamilton ready for F1 Bottas battle as Ferrari struggle to keep pace

Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas is biggest threat to world champion while Max Verstappen and Red Bull show promise

Having retaken the lead of the F1 championship and now enjoying a seven-point advantage over Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged his Mercedes teammate is proving his most challenging rival this season. Hamilton has repeatedly talked up the challenge from Ferrari but now with a 48-point lead over Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari looking to have dropped even further off Mercedes’ pace in Barcelona, Bottas is now his focus. “Even though the Red Bulls have picked up on their engines, they have not built a car as good as in previous years. Ferrari too have good power but are lacking in areas,” he said. “So the closest to you is always the biggest threat – Valtteri. Especially as he is pulling out some great laps. It is good for the team and it is great to see him step up to another level.” He will be buoyed in that in this fight, Bottas has taken pole in the last three races but Hamilton has won two of them and might have taken Baku but for giving his teammate generous room through turn one.

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Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix: F1 – as it happened

World champion goes back to top of the drivers’ championship after leading from the first corner, with Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas in second

4.16pm BST

Here’s Giles Richards’ report from Barcelona.

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4.12pm BST

Full standings to follow.

THUMBS UP: @LewisHamilton celebrates the 76th win of his F1 career, which takes him back to the top of the world championship standings #F1 #SpanishGP

4.04pm BST

Max Verstappen speaks.

It was a hectic first corner so I backed out of it and ended up getting a good position for the rest of Lap 1. The Mercedes were too quick today, but we were competitive after them and it’s great to be on the podium.

4.03pm BST

Valtteri Bottas speaks.

I lost it at the start – some strange behaviour on the clutch. As a team it’s incredible. I got some good points – every single point counts.

4.01pm BST

Lewis Hamilton speaks.

I have to put it down to this incredible team. This is history in the making, with five 1-2 finishes in a row. I’m so happy for every one of them. It was an interesting start. I saw the red car of the Ferrari go around the back of us. I knew Valtteri would brake super deep and thankfully, it wasn’t a replay of Baku…[On the fastest lap] I was trying to keep the tyres warm. I haven’t had a fastest lap all year and it was about time.

3.54pm BST

Here’s the top ten for the Spanish Grand Prix, with Grosjean hanging on to his point.

TOP 10

10 GRO#SpanishGP #F1

Confirmation of another 1-2 for @MercedesAMGF1

That’s five in a row, tying the all-time record for consecutive 1-2 finishes #F1 #SpanishGP

3.53pm BST

While we wait for the formalities, how about giving this a read?

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3.52pm BST

Hamilton hails the crowd and a voice on the radio congratulates him for his drive, and that blistering start. “Well done, Mad Dog,” is the affectionate nickname used by the Mercedes man. They celebrate a fifth straight 1-2.

3.50pm BST

Hamilton has led from the start, having led from the start when he stole a march on Bottas. He also gets an extra point for fastest lap. Bottas is second, Verstappen is third.

BREAKING: It’s win No. 3 of 2019 for @LewisHamilton and a fifth straight 1-2 finish for Mercedes! #SpanishGP #F1

3.48pm BST

Lap 65/66: Two laps to go, and the main race is for tenth, which tells you something of what has been occurring in the rest of the pack. The safety car extinguished the battle between Bottas and Verstappen and the Ferraris and Verstappen.

3.47pm BST

Lap 64/66: Albon of Toro Rosso is about to pass Grosjean of Haas, but no, the driver in tenth just hangs on, but can he last the rest of the race?

3.45pm BST

Lap 62/66: There are 18 drivers left out there. Only Stroll and Norris have crashed out, an incident that will be looked at by the stewards, no doubt. Hamilton continues serenely, his only worry the blistered tyre he suffered, but that was solved by the safety car and a cheap pit stop.

3.42pm BST

Lap 61/66: Where will the twist come? It seems unlikely at the front. Grosjean loses his ninth place to Daniil Kvyat and is danger of dropping out of the top ten. He’s been in the wars.

LAP 57/66

More drama involving the two Haas drivers

This time Grosjean is forced wide by Magnussen #F1 #SpanishGP

And then one lap later Grosjean is forced wide again, in exactly the same spot – but this time by Carlos Sainz!#F1 #SpanishGP

3.41pm BST

Lap 60/66: Hamilton’s lead on Bottas is healthy at 2.71 seconds or so, and the fastest lap is the world champion’s, too. Alain Prost looks to be enjoying himself in the back office.

3.40pm BST

Lap 59/66: Sainz goes up to eighth, by finally passing Grosjean. That’s popular with the home crowd. He even has a stand named after him on the course.

3.38pm BST

Lap 57/66: Here’s the prang which brought in the safety car. Sainz and Grosjean had a little bit of a touch as Sainz was trying to get past.

LAP 46/66

That collision at Turn 2 between Norris and Stroll

Both drivers are OUT of the #SpanishGP #F1

3.36pm BST

Lap 56/66: Carlos Sainz, who always collects points in his native Spain, is in ninth, having overtaken Kvyat. Hamilton is chasing the fastest lap point to add to his winner’s score, judging by the conversations he is having with his team.

3.34pm BST

Lap 54/66: Hamilton set a fastest lap in that parade from the gun. The rest were all concerned with each other. Verstappen is chasing down Bottas and has VRS in his locker, with Vettel and Leclerc chasing him down.

3.32pm BST

Lap 53/66: Restart! The safety car heads into the lane, and Hamilton leads the pack to the line and sets off, and flies away. Vettel under pressure from Gasly, and Vettel is chasing Vertstappen. Gasly and Magnussen are up against other but Gasly wins out. One of the Toro Rosso cars comes off. Grosjean ended up going off. That was, as predicted, chaotic.

3.29pm BST

Lap 52/66: And yes, the safety car is still rolling on…but this could a really chaotic restart at the end of this lap.

3.27pm BST

Lap 51/66: And still the safety car crawls along….

3.25pm BST

Lap 50/66: The safety car continues to slow the day down, and we are crawling towards the conclusion.

3.23pm BST

Lap 49/66: Vettel asks about the tyres, and if he should change them but is told by the Ferrari team that he would be best served to stay out. Lance Stroll looks annoyed while the track is meanwhile getting a good scrub from the safety team.

3.21pm BST

Lap 48/66: The issue is the gravel that Lando Norris splatted all over the track in his clash with Lance Stroll. Norris’ car is loaded on to the truck to be hauled off.

3.19pm BST

Lap 47/66: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Vettel and Leclerc is the order. Hamilton is complaining about the speed of the safety car, who he wants to go faster so his tyres can be warmed up.

3.18pm BST

Lap 46/66: Mercedes prepare for a pit stop, but it is Bottas who comes in first to go on the soft compounds. Hamilton is yet to come in. Oh dear! There’s been a prang as Lando Norris comes off, taking Lance Stroll with him. A safety car is imminent, and that’s good news for Hamilton. Norris apologises since Stroll was the unwitting victim. Hamilton takes a cheap pit-stop while the safety car carries on, and then Leclerc comes in.

3.15pm BST

Lap 45/66: A worry for Hamilton as his back left tyre looks blistered and another stop is surely imminent. No movement as yet in the Mercedes garage, but some running repairs will be required.

3.14pm BST

Lap 44/66: Max Verstappen is told of Leclerc’s speed but says he is convinced that the the man from Monaco won’t last so long. Verstappen pits himself, and is out after a speedy pit to go on medium tyres. Leclerc is in third, with Verstappen dividing the Ferraris with Vettel in fifth.

3.11pm BST

Lap 43/66: Vettel takes it straight to Gasly and speeds past him on the inside to overtaken. The top five are divided by 42 seconds, and the only variable left is the tyre strategy.

3.10pm BST

Lap 41/66: Hamilton, talking to his pit lane, says his tyres are not going to last the race, which adds a little intrigue. Vettel changes into medium tyres from hard, and makes a 2.2 seconds pit stop, but that doesn’t stop Gasly going ahead of the German into fifth. Quicker pit from Ferrari but they are chasing place money here.

3.07pm BST

Lap 39/66: Lewis Hamilton and Bottas both on those medium tyres have the race to themselves. Verstappen is on soft and will surely require another pit to change them.

3.03pm BST

Lap 36/66: Seems to be a bit of chaos within Ferrari, with arguments made over strategy between the two writers. Bottas being told to keep his pace so he doesn’t have to change his tyres. Leclerc, then, gives way to Vettel in the same style as before. That was a decision that took far too long.

3.00pm BST

Lap 34/66: Over halfway there, and anything but a Mercedes win seems highly unlikely. Ferrari still cutting each other’s throats while Verstappen has a lead on both Leclerc and Vettel.


Vettel much more comfortable on his fresh tyres

He scorches to a 1:21.133 #F1 #SpanishGP

2.57pm BST

Lap 32/66: Hamilton has over 8.758 seconds on Bottas, and that’s the Finn taking time off him. Vettel and Leclerc are at close quarters again, with Vettel behind this time around. What will Ferrari decide?

2.54pm BST

Lap 30/66: Vettel had the fastest lap, which suggest he finally has a set of tyres to his approval, but that has now been taken by Bottas, whose change appears to have sped up his Mercedes.

2.51pm BST

Lap 28/66: Lewis Hamilton pits and then comes out in front, and it looks like he will lead from start to finish. Mercedes putting the hammer down on Ferrari on the track and in the pit lane.

2.50pm BST

Lap 27/66: Bottas comes into pit, and retains his second place, ahead of Verstappen. A Mercedes One-Two looks nailed on, barring a disaster.

2.49pm BST

Lap 26/66: Leclerc comes in and Ferrari’s pit is again a tad slow. Leclerc is on hard tyres, while Vettel is on the medium. A confusing strategy.

2.47pm BST

Lap 24/66: All of the top five are on soft tyres, and Vettel, on medium, is up to sixth as Magnussen changes to medium tyres. This has been serene for Lewis Hamilton. An open road for him. Danny Kyvat, suddenly, rounds Kimi Raikkonen with an audacious takeover. Old-school stuff from him.

2.44pm BST

Lap 22/66: Nobody has yet dropped out, though Robert Kubica, Giovanazzi and Russell have been lapped. Vettel is moving up now, and is seventh.

2.43pm BST

Lap 21/66: Verstappen pits and gets out quickly, as he drops down to fifth place in soft tyres which suggest a two-stop strategy. Leclerc, the Monégasque, is in third, Gasly in fourth.

2.41pm BST

Lap 20/66: Here comes Vettel into the pits, and it’s a slow one, with a slow release, perhaps a delay on the rear left, and he gets out ahead of Carlos Sainz. He’s not ahead of Albon and Kyvat, which wasn’t part of the plan. Vettel drops to tenth.

2.37pm BST

Lap 18/66: Vettel desperately to want to come in, and change his tyres, but his team are reluctant. He was a bit unlucky at the start, in that he ended up having to avoid Bottas and hitting the track. “Pit me when you can,” he says. Leclerc is getting into Verstappen’s lead on him. Vettel would lose three places if he pits and all goes well.


“Do you have a gap [for a pit stop]?”

“Not yet”

“You should find one then – I don’t care if there’s traffic”#F1 #SpanishGP

2.35pm BST

Lap 16/66: Hamilton is losing fractions to Bottas but not too much, the Englishman very much in control. Verstappen is sat pretty as well with Ferrari not picking up the pace. Leclerc is not finding much, even after binning Vettel.

2.32pm BST

Lap 14/66: Five teams make up the top ten: Mercedes with Hamilton and Bottas, Red Bull with Verstappen , Ferrari, Haas, and Toro Rosso.

2.30pm BST

Lap 13/66: The order has been given, and Leclerc is allowed to swap places with Vettel. Let’s see what the man from Monaco can do with Verstappen. He is putting daylight between himself and his team-mate, who has been complaining to his team about his tyres.

2.28pm BST

Lap 11/66: Vettel and Leclerc duking this out, and fighting their own battle, while their rivals swan off ahead of them. Leclerc is the quicker but Vettel is a fine defensive driver. Doing it to a team-mate seems, well, a little wasteful. Verstappen is being given free rein.

2.26pm BST

Lap 10/66: Leclerc and Vettel is the duel of the moment but the Belgian can’t get around his colleague. Hamilton continues to hold the fastest lap, and is almost three seconds clear of Bottas.

LAP 10/66

2 BOT +2.9
3 VER +5.7
4 VET +8.7
5 LEC +9.4
6 GAS +12.8#F1 #SpanishGP

2.24pm BST

Lap 8/66: Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo comes in to change his tyre to hard after seven laps. That appears to be a strategy aimed at picking up point. Leclerc, team-mates with Vettel, is chasing down the German’s Ferrari and looks far quicker. This is playing into the hands of Mercedes. Verstappen is also three seconds clear.

2.21pm BST

Lap 6/66: The Mercedes are showing a clean pair of heels to the Ferraris, but not Verstapppen who may still fancy getting beyond Bottas. Vettel’s chance came and went with the start, perhaps, as his car doesn’t look up to the challenge. Hamilton sets a new fastest lap.

2.20pm BST

Lap 4/66: A second look at that start shows us that Vettel and Leclerc almost collided, which would have made a bad position worse. Kimi Räikkönen went off the track into the gravel and is now in 19th, having had his car checked in the pit lane.

2.17pm BST

Lap 3/66: Verstappen has DRS to use if he gets close to Bottas. Hamilton is in prime position to lead from wire to wire here.

2.16pm BST

Lap 2/66: Vettel gambled and lost and got run out of it. Lewis Hamilton sets a new fastest lap as he goes away from Bottas, who has Verstappen for company.

2.15pm BST

Bottas is wheel to wheel with Hamilton and Vettel joins them, but locks up and almost careers off the track. Hamilton takes the lead, Bottas is inside him and behind him. Great start by the Englishman, slack by the Finn and Hamilton is blazing away. Vettel complaining about a flat spot on his tyre, having been through the side of the road. Lando Norris drops to 17th, Hamilton has a lead of two seconds already while Verstappen has edged ahead of Vettel and is in third.

2.11pm BST

Away we go for the formation lap, with the cars doing that windy thing to warm up their soft, compound tyres, which are being used by everyone but Kimi Raikkonen.

2.09pm BST

Weather Report (not featuring Jaco Pastorius)

Pretty good conditions for an #F1 race

Let’s do this, Barcelona #SpanishGP

2.06pm BST

The start is just a few moments away, the generic, portentous music is playing ahead of the 49th Spanish Grand Prix. Turn One is where the race can be won and lost, which is a long way from the start as these things go. Lewis Hamilton is on the front of the grid for the seventh successive year.

2.01pm BST

Kevin Magnussen of Haas, who is eighth on the grid: “The car feels good, hopefully we can have a good one. We have eight points, we need to collect more.”

Romain Grosjean, also of Haas, who is seventh on the grid: “Hopefully we can get the tyres working.”

1.56pm BST

Lando Norris, the McLaren driver: “I presume the temperature pushes people on to a two-stop strategy, though I am not saying I would.”

1.54pm BST

Max Verstappen is hopeful of catching up with Ferrari in his Red Bull, and says the hot weather can help his team before the formalities begin with the Spanish national anthem.

1.52pm BST

Martin Brundle, in absentia a couple of weeks ago, is doing his rounds. He and Jenson Button are inspecting the cars at the front of the grid, while the mechanics are doing their best to cover up their work. Robert Kubica says he “could be better, could be worse”, and that his Williams team needs to keep working to improve.

1.37pm BST

Here’s Giles Richards’ report from qualifying.

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1.26pm BST

Further news from the grid, to quote the official F1 website: “At Alfa Romeo, meanwhile, an unscheduled change of gearbox for Antonio Giovinazzi will see the Italian go from P17 on the grid to last, following the resulting five-place penalty for the switch.”

1.19pm BST

Hulkenberg starts from the pit lane after Renault failed to tell the stewards that the people wing they fitted after his crash in qualifying was a different (old) spec from the (new) one he had been using

He didn’t have much fun in qualifying.

A qualifying to forget for Nico Hulkenberg #SpanishGP #F1

12.59pm BST

The grid position of the top three is the same as two weeks ago in Baku, but will the result be the same? Valterri Bottas is on pole, Lewis Hamilton is second, and Sebastian Vettel is third, which is exactly how it finished in Baku. Mercedes are going for a fifth straight 1-2 in Barcelona, giving the season a sense of being a procession, though it is Bottas who is blazing a trail with his third straight pole. Hamilton, meanwhile, is going for this third straight win at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The Ferrari pair of Vettel and Leclerc are split by Max Verstappen in his Red Bull.

Here’s how the top 10 are set to line up later on Sunday

Daniel Ricciardo qualified P10 but has a 3-place grid drop after his collision with Kvyat in Baku #SpanishGP


Here’s what the drivers have available to them when the lights go out in Barcelona on Sunday #SpanishGP #Pirelli @pirellisport

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Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish GP as Mercedes seal fifth consecutive one-two

• Valtteri Bottas second with Max Verstappen third
• Hamilton took lead on turn one and stayed in front

Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix with a dominant, untroubled run at the front of the field. He took the race from his teammate Valtteri Bottas, who had started on pole, after passing him into turn one and the Finn could manage only second. Max Verstappen was an impressive third for Red Bull while Ferrari’s difficult weekend yielded only fourth and fifth for Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. The win means Hamilton has retaken the lead of the world championship from Bottas and Mercedes have their fifth consecutive one-two finish.

Hamilton had started from second but having taken the lead held it throughout, with Bottas staying with him but clearly without sufficient pace advantage to challenge. Hamilton was calm and controlled and handled a late safety car which closed the pack up with ease. It was a consummate race by the five-time world champion, who also secured the extra point for the fastest lap of the race.

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Source: Formula 1

Michael Schumacher feature film rights up for grabs at Cannes

Documentary will tell story of Formula One star and cover his near-fatal skiing accident

The dramatic life and times of the Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher are to be released as a feature-length film documentary described as a personal tribute to him by his family and friends.

Schumacher will tell the story of the star, from his boyhood days as a hobby go-carter in Kerpen near Cologne, to his legendary victories on the race track where he secured seven Formula One titles. It will also document the near-fatal skiing accident five years ago that left him with devastating head injuries from which he is still recovering.

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Valtteri Bottas outshines Lewis Hamilton to claim Spanish GP pole

• Bottas puts in commanding lap to deny teammate Hamilton
• Sebastian Vettel third in front of Max Verstappen

Valtteri Bottas claimed pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix. He secured the top spot at the Circuit de Catalunya with a commanding lap to deny his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, who was in second. Sebastian Vettel was in third for Ferrari in front of the Red Bull of Max Verstappen, with Charles Leclerc in the second Ferrari in fifth.

Bottas’s time of 1minute 15.406seconds, a new track record, left the challenge Ferrari had been hoping to mount, forlorn in his wake and indeed even Hamilton could not come close to the Finn. The British driver was six-tenths back, with Vettel eight-tenths in arrears.

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Source: Formula 1

Tobacco firms accused of using Formula One to flout ads ban on e-cigarettes

Campaigners claim Philip Morris and British American Tobacco are using sponsorship deals with McLaren and Ferrari to plug products

Britain’s biggest tobacco firm and one of its major rivals are under fire for signing multimillion-pound sponsorship deals with Formula One teams that health campaigners claim are being used to promote their next generation of products – such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco – which they are banned from advertising.

British American Tobacco, which sponsors the McLaren team, and Marlboro manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI), which has signed a deal with Ferrari worth an estimated £100m a year, are accused of using the partnerships to promote what they respectively describe as “reduced risk products” and “less harmful alternatives to cigarettes”.

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Source: Formula 1

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