Lewis Hamilton soars in Singapore but Sergio Pérez plumbs the depths

Ferrari’s strategy came up short, Max Verstappen underlined his potential and the future of F1 was leaked on social media

A weekend that had begun with such optimism for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari ended with the team and driver bearing the demeanour of the defeated. They should have done better. Vettel had hit the wall in FP2, ending his session. He insisted it made no difference to his preparation but crucially second practice was the only one run in exactly the same night conditions as qualifying. Lewis Hamilton pointedly noted that small events have ramifications and he was right. The race might have been different had Vettel been on pole but forced to go aggressive, Ferrari’s strategy failed. The undercut did not work, he hit traffic and he was on the wrong tyre – losing second to Max Verstappen. The title looks like it has gone and the Scuderia increasingly appear to need a comprehensive overhaul. Vettel can deliver but he needs the car and sharp minds on the pit wall that have been missing of late.

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Lewis Hamilton ‘going from strength to strength’ after Singapore F1 win

• Mercedes driver’s championship lead now 40 points
• ‘The focus is intense. It has to remain the same if not more’

Lewis Hamilton believes he and his Mercedes team are in the best possible position to close out the Formula One world championship after his win at the Singapore Grand Prix. The British driver took a dominant victory from pole position and his title rival Sebastian Vettel could manage only third, ensuring Hamilton now has a 40-point lead with just six races remaining.

Ferrari were expected to be on top at the Marina Bay circuit and they were until Hamilton put in an exceptional lap to take pole. The Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, described it as “stardust” and the best lap he had ever seen. Hamilton and Mercedes followed it with a perfectly executed race that Ferrari could not match, their aggressive strategy was unsuccessful and Vettel was unable to challenge.

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F1: Lewis Hamilton wins the Singapore Grand Prix – as it happened

Lewis Hamilton extended his drivers’ championship lead over Sebastian Vettel to 40 points with a straightforward victory in Singapore

Read Giles’s Richards’ race report

3.37pm BST

A cracking weekend for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, then. Forty points to the good. What now? Read Giles Richards’s race report:

Related: Lewis Hamilton wins Singapore Grand Prix to extend lead in F1 title race

3.22pm BST

Once again, Lewis Hamilton stands proud on the top step of the podium, flanked by Verstappen and Vettel. An emotional-looking Hamilton is sweating buckets as the relevant national anthems ring around Singapore. He holds aloft the winner’s trophy before getting the party started. A sombre Vettle guzzles a bit champers, but he’s – understandably – reluctant to join the celebrations.

3.16pm BST

How did they finish in Singapore?

1 Hamilton
2 Verstappen
3 Vettel
4 Bottas
5 Räikkönen
6 Ricciardo
7 Alonso
8 Sainz
9 Leclerc
10 Hülkenberg

3.15pm BST

Lewis Hamilton speaks after recording his 69th career victory. “I’m spent – that was a tough race,” he says. “The team have never given up faith in me, Valtteri and our ability.” Max Verstappen, who finished second, adds: “There were a lot of problems, but I am still very happy.” A glum looking Vettel says: “Overall, we were not fast enough. We did not have the pace in the race. We tried to be aggressive in the beginning and, in the end, it did not work out. We had to just focus on making it home.” Of the 40-point gap to Hamilton, the Ferrari driver adds: “We can only beat ourselves. We didn’t get everything out of our package.”

3.05pm BST

The Mercedes racks up his fourth win at the Marina Bay circuit, with Hamilton extending his lead in the drivers’ championship to 40 points! Verstappen takes second, with Vettel forced to settle for third. Ferrari simply could not get near Hamilton, who cruised round the track, untroubled, really. The Brit waves to the crowd and cue the celebratory fireworks. “Great job everyone – what a weekend,” Hamilton says. “Keep pushing. Keep pushing.”

3.04pm BST

Lap 61/61: Hamilton’s got this in the bag …

3.03pm BST

Lap 60/61: Hamilton’s almost 8.6secs in front of second-placed Max Verstappen. The battle fourth remains the most intriguing, with Räikkönen and Ricciardo intent on finishing strongly in Singapore.

3.02pm BST

Lap 59/61: Three laps to go! And now Bottas, in fourth, must find a way to get past Sirotkin, the back marker.

3.00pm BST

Lap 58/61: Things are looking very good, verging on rosy for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. He’s 7secs in front of Verstappen, with Vettel way off. Hamilton’s closing on back-to-back wins in Singapore.

2.57pm BST

Lap 56/61: Hülkenberg is holding up Bottas, who just cannot past him. That’s a helping hand for Räikkönen and Ricciardo who are not done yet. As for his Ferrari team-mate, Sebastian Vettel has just been parked behind Hamilton almost ever since he pitted after lap 15.

2.55pm BST

Lap 55/61: It’s surely a straight battle between Hamilton and Verstappen for the top prize. The latter has nothing to lose and, given the way the Red Bull races, will his fearlessness help him give Hamilton a fright in the closing stages? There’s work to do, with the Mercedes now almost six seconds to the good.

2.51pm BST

Lap 53/61: Räikkönen v Ricciardo is proving a real feast in the fight for fifth. Both have eyes for Bottas, too. Barely two seconds separates the three. “I just can’t get any closer,” Bottas bemoans.

2.50pm BST

Lap 52/61: Kevin Magnussen, of all people, has just recorded the new fastest lap after bagging a set of new swanky tyres. Down in 18th, he will be grooving around Marina Bay for the next nine laps.

2.48pm BST

Lap 50/61: The drivers are coping with a cockpit of temperature of around 50 sweltering degrees, but a couple just seem to be feeling the heat. Bottas has a task on his hands to swat away Räikkönen and Ricciardo. Meanwhile, Verstappen is gaining on the race leader, with Hamilton having just lapped Sirotkin.

2.45pm BST

Lap 49/61: Can Verstappen reach Hamilton? Räikkönen is closing nicely on Bottas in the race for fourth. That’s a contest to keep an eye on as we reach the final stages in Singapore. Elsewhere, Daniel Ricciardo has just set a lightning lap of 1.43.335, a new fastest.

2.41pm BST

Lap 48/61: Verstappen has just racked up his best lap, shaving the gap to Hamilton to almost 3.2secs. In turn, the gap to Vettel has opened, to seven seconds. As it stands, Hamilton would extend his lead over Vettel in the drivers’ championship to 40 points.

2.38pm BST

Lap 45/61: Marcus Ericsson, in ninth, has still not pitted. He will surely have a lively final few laps. In seventh, Fernando Alonso, the 2008 winner at this circuit, is enjoying himself, setting a new fastest lap. Hamilton leads Verstappen, by 3.7secs.

2.36pm BST

Lap 44/61: Drat, Romain Grosjean is handed a five-second penalty for ignoring blue flags. That tango between the Haas and Sirotkin momentarily stifled the top three: Hamilton, Verstappen and Vettel.

2.33pm BST

Lap 43/61: Ocon’s been speaking about that first-lap incident, and sounds pretty unimpressed with Pérez. It did end his race, after all. At the front, Hamilton leads Verstappen by 3.6secs, with the Dutchman still comfortably ahead of Sebastian Vettel, who’s third.

2.29pm BST

Lap 39/61: The key man in this race? Sergey Sirotkin, believe it or not. Pérez, meanwhile, will be penalised for that incident with the Russian. He has a drive-through penalty waiting for him. “These guys are being crazy,” Hamilton says of those pesky back markers.

2.25pm BST

Lap 38/61: The back markers cause havoc for Hamilton! Sirotkin shuts the door as Grosjean locks up wide, but as that unfolds, Hamilton has to resist the temptation to lap the pair. Verstappen, meanwhile, is happy to watch it all unfold. The Red Bull is really closing on the Mercedes, who has lost a little momentum.

2.22pm BST

Lap 37/61: Down the team radio, Hamilton sounds the alarm, concerned that his tyres are losing a bit of fizz. He thinks they’re too cold. Mercedes seem calm about the matter, though. Hamilton leads Verstappen by 2.475secs.

2.21pm BST

Lap 36/61: Things are spicing up at the back of the field too, with Hartley taking 17th from Magnussen off the track. They wrestle, but it’s all good natured. Meanwhile, confirmation that the stewards are taking a good look at that clash between Pérez and Sirotkin.

2.19pm BST

Lap 34/61: It gets worse for Force India! Pérez’s race looks run. Just as the Mexican looks to have finally got the better of Sirotkin, he clashes with the Williams. The beneficiary of that incident is Hülkenberg, who flies down Raffles Boulevard having zoomed into 13th. Pérez has a puncture, floor damage and enters the pits. He’s had a torrid

night at the office.

2.16pm BST

Lap 33/61: Just over the halfway stage, here’s how we are looking: Hamilton leads Verstappen by just north of five seconds, with Vettel pondering in third. Ferrari will do well to get close to Hamilton now. Bottas is fourth, with his Finnish compatriot, Räikkönen, fifth.

2.12pm BST

Lap 31/61: Force India have had a pretty miserable race. Ocon crashed out on the first lap, after a shunt from his team-mate, Sergio Pérez. And now the Mexican driver, down in 14th, is having a moan at the traffic. “This is a joke, really,” Pérez says, fuming at the stubborn Sergey Sirotkin in front of him.

2.10pm BST

Lap 30/61: Carlos Sainz has had a decent race under the radar so far. He’s up four places to eighth, with Leclerc behind him still yet to pit. Sainz has Alonso, four seconds to the good, firmly in his sights.

2.08pm BST

Lap 28/61: Hamilton’s back on top, then. And that exchange between him and his race engineer, Peter Bonnington, a moment ago suddenly feels a long time ago. “I feel like we’ve have we stopped too early,” worried Hamilton. “No, we’re looking good compared to those around us,” came the reply from the paddock.

2.06pm BST

Lap 27/61: Lewis Hamilton regains the lead! Ricciardo, the race leader since that reshuffle kickstarted by Ferrari and Vettel, eventually pits. The Red Bull’s in and out inside 2.3secs, and flies out of the pits on hypersofts in sixth, ahead of Fernando Alonso.

2.05pm BST

Lap 26/61: Leclerc leapfrogs Gasly, who is really struggling for front-tyre grip. Great driving by Leclerc, the Sauber who bypassed him down the iconic stretch of Anderson Bridge.

2.02pm BST

Lap 25/61: It’s drizzling in Singapore. Race engineers across the paddock are looking nervously at the sky.

2.00pm BST

Lap 24/61: Pérez is in trouble down in 16th, agitated at the traffic in front of him, namely Sirotkin. Further up the grid, Gasly is enjoying another decent start, up to ninth, with Leclerc for company, half a second behind him. The Toro Rosso started 15th on the grid.

1.58pm BST

Lap 23/61: Räikkönen pits, switching on to the yellow-striped soft tyres. It was not a slick stop, and things are not exactly going to plan for Ferrari. Hamilton, for now, is sitting pretty in second, behind Ricciardo, who leads but only by the virtue that he is yet to pit.

1.56pm BST

Lap 22/61: Hamilton is gaining ground on the front two, with the Mercedes closing the gap to 12 seconds. Will Ferrari keep Räikkönen – yet to pit – out on track to frustrate Hamilton? That may help Verstappen too. In 15th, Pérez is struggling to bypass Sirotkin.

1.54pm BST

Lap 21/61: Red Bull tell Verstappen that Vettel believes his tyres will not last. “You know what to do,” is the message. Verstappen will be oozing with confidence after outsmarting Vettel from the pits.

1.52pm BST

Lap 20/61: Ferrari, who thought they had outwitted the Mercedes, appear to have been flummoxed. “These tyres will not make it to the end,” panics Vettel down the team radio. “We had a chance but were too late.” At the back of the grid, meanwhile, is Brendon Hartley.

1.50pm BST

Lap 19/61: Räikkönen is the race leader – for now. Ricciardo is 3secs behind him in second. Neither, though, have pitted. Lewis Hamilton, who has, is in third ahead of Verstappen and then Vettel.

1.48pm BST

Lap 17/61: Verstappen is told to box over the team radio, and in comes the Red Bull. He’s in and out in no time, with soft tyres going on. He rushes out of the pits to nip in front of Sebastian Vettel out of turn five. They go neck-and-neck for a moment but he’s done it. “Yes,” yells Verstappen down the team radio, before his race engineer urges him to focus.

1.46pm BST

Lap 16/61: Verstappen is the new race leader, with Räikkönen second after Bottas also pits. Hamilton on to the soft tyre, then. The rest of the front 10 are mainly on the hypersofts, apart from Vettel who has switched to ultrasoft tyres. Grosjean has also pitted.

1.43pm BST

Lap 15/61: Ferrari blink first, as Vettel pits! He stops for a precious 2.7secs. On go the fresh ultrasofts. And, right on cue, Hamilton responds with a slightly slower pit but makes his way out of the paddock into fifth, just ahead of Vettel, with Pérez sandwiched between them.

1.41pm BST

Lap 14/61: Lewis Hamilton, who leads Sebastian Vettel by 2.3secs, has just set a new fastest lap of 1min 44.929secs. The Mercedes is whizzing around, while there are a few splodges of rain on track.

1.40pm BST

Lap 12/61: “There’s a lot left in the tyres,” Hamilton insists, before Vettel, over the team radio, seems to have misunderstood the message from the Mercedes. He thinks Hamilton has rubbished his tyres, leading Vettel to shake his head in disbelief. “I don’t believe him,” he mutters. In fourth, the Finns are fighting it out, but they’re not doing a lot to help out their team-mates out in front.

1.36pm BST

Lap 10/61: The hypersofts are showing a few signs of tiredness, with Alonso closing on Grosjean. Towards the front, Ricciardo is a little detached from Räikkönen in fifth, 2.5secs off the pace.

1.33pm BST

Lap 9/61: There is not an awful lot between the front three of Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen. In fact, there is only 27-odd seconds between first and 18th. The pits will prove pivotal at Marina Bay. “The car’s really good,” Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, says.

1.31pm BST

Lap 7/61: Vettel sets the tone early on, with a fastest lap of 1min 47.397sec. Meanwhile, a nugget of news on that damage to Sirotkin, whose Williams ended up with a bit of Ocon’s car in its front wing. Elsewhere, Pierre Gasly has made a decent start, up three to 12th.

1.29pm BST

Lap 6/61: A nimble Verstappen, with the help of DRS, is trying to eat away at the gap to Vettel. That’s piling the pressure on the Ferrari, who is firmly on the tail of Hamilton, the race leader.

1.27pm BST

5/61: We’re back racing! After crawling through the final throws of the safety car, Hamilton bolted away from Vettel, acutely aware the Ferrari could do with a bit of time to warm-up his tyres to find some pace. He leads Vettel by just over one second, with Verstappen, the Red Bull, a healthy 2sec behind the German.

1.22pm BST

Lap 4/61: A good start by Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso who have leapfrogged Nico Hülkenberg into ninth and 10th respectively. Further back the grid, Sergey Sirotkin seems to have a bit of damage to his front wing. Meanwhile, Ocon’s car has been scooped off the track and the driver is heading for the paddock. “I got hit by Sergio – badly,” he says. For now, the safety car continues to lead the way.

1.19pm BST

Lap 3/61: Clearly, that incident between Pérez and Ocon was a result of the former not giving his Force India colleague racing room. Pérez is very apologetic, Ocon, whose race is over and car’s front wheel dangling by a thread, does not sound quite so unforgiving, though.

1.17pm BST

Lap 2/61: Of that incident at turn three, Sergio Pérez says: “Sorry guys, there was no room. Basically, I did not even see him.” The stewards are investigating that clash between the two Force Indias. Already then, we have a safety car, after a very clean start by Vettel – who went toe-to-toe with Verstappen down Raffles Boulevard – and Hamilton out in front.

1.15pm BST

Hamilton zooms off the front of the grid, but behind him there’s a bit of drama, with Esteban Ocon heading off into the wall, via his Force India team-mate Sergio Pérez. Vettel and Verstappen go wheel-to-wheel down the chicane and we have a safety car owing to that Ocon first-lap incident and the resulting debris on track.

1.12pm BST

We are just a formation lap away from the off. The top 10 drivers are all starting on the hypersoft tyres. Under the lights of the Marina Bay circuit, the stage is very much set in Singapore …

1.04pm BST

The grid is teeming with drivers, engineers and team entourages. We’ve had the national anthem, Majulah Singapura and the 11th Singapore GP is almost upon us; sixty-one gruelling laps, a track temperature of 34 degrees and humidity approaching 70%. Lovely!

12.54pm BST

A few words from Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, before the off. “Max [Verstappen] has nothing to lose, this is probably his best chance to win a race this year,” he says. Kevin Magnussen, the Haas driver, meanwhile adds: “It’s a little bit slippery, I’m not sure why. It’s definitely the toughest race of the year. It will be a long race.” Max Verstappen says: “I’m confident, I’ll see what I can do.”

12.45pm BST

It’s 29 degrees out in Singapore, so plenty of the drivers – from Räikkönen to Ricciardo – have been sinking into ice baths over the past couple of days. One of the biggest challenges around the circuit will be that heat and humidity, almost 70%, though Hamilton made pretty light work of one of the toughest tracks to navigate.

12.33pm BST

The pre-cursor to the main event in Singapore was, of course, Liam Gallagher taking centre stage before qualifying. The Oasis singer dedicated Some Might Say to none other than Lewis Hamilton, with the Mercedes driver proceeding to record a memorable pole. Post-pole, The Killers performed, while Jimmy Carr has been parading around the Mercedes paddock today. All fun and games.

12.19pm BST

Alain Prost, the four-times F1 champion, is back at the heart of the sport as a special adviser to Renault. As he tells Giles Richards, being an outsider battling against the odds is a key motivating factor:

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12.13pm BST

1 Hamilton 2 Verstappen
3 Vettel 4 Bottas
5 Räikkönen 6 Ricciardo
7 Pérez 8 Grosjean
9 Ocon 10 Hülkenberg
11 Alonso 12 Sainz
13 Leclerc 14 Ericsson
15 Gasly 16 Magnussen
17 Hartley 18 Vandoorne
19 Sirotkin 20 Stroll

11.44am BST

Lewis Hamilton turned on the style early on in qualifying, smashing the track record with a magical first lap around the spectacular Marina Bay circuit, meaning the rest of Saturday’s action made pretty comfortable viewing as he put his feet up. It could prove a lap and a pole that just gives Hamilton the chance to accelerate from Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari who trails him by 30 points in the drivers’ standings and could only manage third. The Red Bull of Max Verstappen, meanwhile, managed to join the Brit on the front of the grid. Hamilton’s lap left Vettel reeling, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal lost for words and his longtime race engineer, Peter Bonnington, absolutely ecstatic. “That was pretty epic,” he beamed after watching Hamilton whizz around in 1min 36.015sec. As for Hamilton, he said: “That lap started perfect and it just kept going. It felt like one of the best – if not the best lap I’ve ever done. It is the most challenging circuit for us – it is Monaco on steroids.”

Lights out: 1.10pm (BST)

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Lewis Hamilton wins Singapore Grand Prix to extend lead in F1 title race

• Briton takes championship lead to 40 points with victory
• Max Verstappen finishes second with Sebastian Vettel third

Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix with a strong run from pole position to increase his world championship lead over Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. Vettel could manage only third place behind the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Hamilton’s win for Mercedes had looked against the odds when the weekend began but he leaves the Marina Bay circuit with a 40-point lead over Vettel.

Hamilton ran a controlled and dominant race from the front, with Mercedes managing his strategy superbly. Vettel had managed to challenge at the opening from third on the grid but Ferrari’s tactics were costly and Red Bull took advantage with Verstappen who put in a fine performance for second place.

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Alain Prost: ‘Getting Renault back on top is so difficult I find it interesting’

The four-times F1 champion is back at the heart of the sport as a special adviser to Renault. As he explains, being an outsider battling against the odds is a key motivating factor

It is striking how short silences punctuate Alain Prost’s replies in conversation, pauses during which it is impossible not to be caught by the steely gaze of his grey-green eyes. Behind them, sharp as ever, he considers every answer. Here, then, is “the Professor”, bringing the same thoughtful analysis to the table that he brought to the track and his four world titles – experience from which the Renault team are now benefiting after they presented Prost with a challenge he has enthusiastically embraced back at the heart of F1.

“When I find an interesting challenge with an objective and it’s good for you, your personal life, the brain, why not? I am very happy,” he says.

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Lewis Hamilton smashes track record to take Singapore F1 GP pole

• Championship leader sets Marina Bay best by three seconds
• Max Verstappen second fastest, Sebastian Vettel third

Lewis Hamilton took pole for Mercedes at the Singapore Grand Prix with a consummate lap under the lights of the Marina Bay circuit. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was in second place with the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel in third. Hamilton took the pole with a time that smashed the track record by more than three seconds.

Hamilton was quickest on the first hot laps in Q3, threading the needle in Singapore with extraordinary skill in a time of 1min 36.015sec. His middle sector was particularly strong, taking every possible inch of track to the very limit with the walls looming over his car. Vettel could not match that run and was a huge sixth-tenths back, behind Verstappen in second, three-tenths down.

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Factors that will determine the destiny of the Formula One title

Lewis Hamilton has been in a class of his own this season despite coming up against a superior Ferrari car

Lewis Hamilton leads Sebastian Vettel by 30 points going into the final seven races of the season, a somewhat unlikely advantage given the strength of Ferrari’s car and hence far from insurmountable. There are 175 points remaining and as things stand the Scuderia still hold the cards in performance. However the difference thus far has been Hamilton. He has proved time and again his ability to maximise the results from difficult situations and turn in impeccable runs when on top. Having been on the back foot– off the pace in Monaco, knocked back to 18th at Silverstone and starting from 14th in Germany – he ensured the damage was minimal, returning a third, second and win from the meetings. He has played the percentages with the calm confidence of a multiple world champion focused on the big picture. Continuing to do so will put all the pressure on Vettel. The Singapore GP will likely be a case in point. Mercedes expect to be behind Ferrari and Kimi Räikkönen was quickest in second practice in front of Hamilton, for whom limiting the points damage may already be paramount. Vettel however, simply must win.

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Sebastien Vettel collided with a wall during second practice for the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay. The Ferrari finished ninth after running wide at the final chicane, sustaining damage to his car and missing most of the 90-minute session.

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Lewis Hamilton says F1 title remains his priority after fashion diversion

• Mercedes driver has travelled to Milan, Shanghai and New York
• ‘I get a lot of energy from these different things that I do’

Lewis Hamilton has insisted he is as focused as ever on his task of winning a fifth Formula One world championship.

The Mercedes driver arrived for this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix after an exceptionally busy two weeks launching his new fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger. Hamilton, who has a 30-point advantage over his title rival Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in the world championship, believes his interests outside racing – far from a distraction – ensured he is able to bring his best to the track.

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Charles Leclerc looks like a gamble by Ferrari – but he’s not | Giles Richards

The 20-year-old Sauber rookie is calm, assured and mature beyond his years, handling tragedy with remarkable composure and F1 with excellent pace and outstanding racecraft

Throwing young talent into the heat of the battle at the very front of the Formula One grid is a bold move. For Ferrari, who have chosen to do just that by promoting the 20-year-old rookie Charles Leclerc to the team for next season, it is also out of character, given their usually more conservative approach to appointing drivers. Yet the Scuderia are far from taking a chance with Leclerc, one of the most exciting talents in the sport, who has proved he has the attributes to partner Sebastian Vettel in the most prestigious drive in motor racing.

Last season, on his way to a dominant title win in F2, Leclerc told me at the Hungaroring it was still a dream to make it to F1. He did not have to wait long and now drives for Sauber. Before this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, his home race, he said it was “a dream” to one day drive the red cars. In 2019 his remarkable and almost unprecedented fulfilment of all these aspirations will be complete as he joins Ferrari, to replace Kimi Räikkönen.

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Kimi Raikkonen to leave Ferrari for Sauber at end of F1 season

  • Raikkonen to rejoin first team Sauber on two-year deal
  • Ferrari statement praises Finn’s ‘decisive role’ in team’s growth

Kimi Raikkonen will leave Ferrari at the end of the season, the Formula 1 team have announced, with the Finn rejoining his first team, Sauber, next year on a two-year deal.

He started his career with the team in 2001 and wrote on his Instagram account: “Guess who’s back?! Next two years with sauberf1team ahead! Feels extremely good to go back where it all began!”

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