Carlos Sainz: ‘It’s incredibly annoying going to every race to finish seventh’

McLaren driver wants F1 changes that will allow him to compete with the best and fulfil goal of becoming a world champion

Softly spoken and with an unassuming air, it would be easy to miss the determination that drives Carlos Sainz. Yet the moment his piercing gaze catches the eye, it is impossible to ignore.

It was unmistakeable in Hungary before this weekend’s grand prix, when he declared that his enjoyment of the sport he has loved since childhood is marred only by frustration with Formula One’s two-tier structure that prevents him from fighting for a win.

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Lewis Hamilton hails atmosphere at Mercedes after poor form in Germany

• Hamilton welcomes possibility of teaming with Max Verstappen
• Mercedes produce worst collective result since July 2018

Lewis Hamilton has praised what he describes as a uniquely open and honest atmosphere at his Mercedes team that has enabled them to move on after a poor performance at the German Grand Prix.

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Mercedes’ Hockenheim pageant turns into period drama with shock ending | Giles Richards

Home team were celebrating 200th grand prix but series of mistakes meant celebration became something close to an embarrassment

There was a distinctive air of pageant around Mercedes at the German Grand Prix on Sunday. With Hockenheim their stage, the team were determined to mark their home race with a flourish. They had made an admirable effort to ensure it was memorable and indeed it was. Yet few will remember their attempt to bring a sense of racing’s history to the grid but rather their very public failure in Formula One’s here and now, an event made all the more striking by its rarity.

Mercedes were celebrating their 200th grand prix as a constructor at what will probably be their last home race in some time as Hockenheim is highly unlikely to be on the calendar next year. They were running a new white livery to celebrate 125 years of motor racing. The white gave way to the traditional silver at the rear of the car in homage to the legend that the team had scraped off the white paint to save weight from their car in 1934 – the birth of the Silver Arrows.

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Lewis Hamilton says error ‘shows how easy it is to get it wrong’

• Hamilton left to rue Mercedes’ tyre choice
• ‘It was a mistake, mistakes happen’

Lewis Hamilton said he was at fault for the error that cost him the lead in Sunday’s German Grand Prix and led him to finish ninth. He still leads the world championship but made an uncharacteristic mistake here in the wet, where Max Verstappen won for Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel, starting from the back of the grid, surged through to take second for Ferrari.

Hamilton went off after Mercedes had put him on slick tyres just as the rain returned. He thought the tyre choice had been wrong but held his hands up to the error, although it was then compounded by the team’s strategy.

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Max Verstappen celebrates as Lewis Hamilton laments 'disastrous' German Grand Prix – video

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won a wet and crazily chaotic German Grand Prix littered with crashes and safety car periods on Sunday with Mercedes’ Formula One leader Lewis Hamilton finishing out of the points in 11th place.

In an extraordinary race of constantly changing fortunes, multiple pitstops and endless drama, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel started last on the grid but finished second in front of his home crowd.

The Russian Daniil Kvyat, who became a father on Saturday, was an astonishing third to hand Red Bull’s sister team Toro Rosso their second ever podium place.

Mercedes, who finished empty-handed in their 200th start and in what looks likely to be the last German Grand Prix for some time given the race’s uncertain future, had won nine of the previous 10 races.

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Max Verstappen wins thrilling German Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton error

• World champion trails in 11th place in wet conditions
• Sebastian Vettel second for Ferrari, Daniil Kvyat third

Max Verstappen won the German Grand Prix after a fascinating, gripping race in treacherous wet conditions that proved to be too much for a host of drivers and for the first time this season saw the normal pecking order of F1 turned on its head.

Lewis Hamilton, having led from pole for Mercedes made a highly uncharacteristic error in the wet that cost him a potential win and was compounded by some questionable strategy decisions by his team and he finished in 11th place. Worse still for his team, Valtteri Bottas also crashed out late in the race.

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F1: Max Verstappen wins German GP, Vettel second and Hamilton 11th – live!

4.36pm BST

Right, that’s us – I’m off for a metaphorical lie-down. Stick with us for more reaction, and Giles Richards’ report from Hockenheim. Thanks for your company – ta-ra.

4.35pm BST

Anyway, how do the driver standings look?

4.31pm BST

“It’s a day to learn,” deadpans Mercedes honcho, Toto Wolff. He is not all that happy with life.

4.27pm BST

Confirmation of the final positions from an unforgettable race at Hockenheim ⏱️#GermanGP #F1

4.23pm BST

What a shame if that’s the last German Grand Prix for a while. It does sort of look that way, but Formula 1 being Formula 1, you never know.

4.20pm BST

The band strike up and what a race that was!

4.20pm BST

The podium lads raise their trinkets and out comes the fizz!

4.17pm BST

Podium and anthem time!

4.17pm BST

Ok, let’s have a full list of finishers:

4.14pm BST

Kvyat’s missus had a baby girl last night! Great stuff. Mazal tov!

4.12pm BST

Before the last safety car, Vettel thought he could do something because he felt like he was faster than the others, so passing them was relatively straightforward.

4.11pm BST

“It was a long race,” says Vettel. “At some points it felt like it was never ending, but it was good fun.”

4.10pm BST

Verstappen says it was amazing out there, he enjoyed it and it was all about trying not to make too many mistakes in really difficult conditions.

4.10pm BST

“All credit in the world to Verstappen,” says Amanda Orson, “but Vettel going from #20 to #2 is just incredible. He should have been Driver of the Day.”

Can’t argue with that.

4.09pm BST

BREAKING: Max Verstappen wins a dramatic #GermanGP

Sebastian Vettel claims P2 from P20 on the grid

Daniil Kvyat claims Toro Rosso’s second ever F1 podium by finishing P3


4.09pm BST

Verstappen gets out of his car and celebrates his second win in three races with his team.

4.07pm BST

“What a race” says Vettel, an observation accurate both generally and specifically.

4.07pm BST

“What a result!” says Verstappen to his team. He is delighted, and why not.

4.06pm BST

And Sebastian Vettel comes second from the back of the grid, with Daniil Kvyat coming third!

4.05pm BST

Lap 63/64 Come on! Vettel absolutely mashes Kvyat on the straight and the crowd go wild! He’s second now, while Versatappen leads by more than four seconds! But what an effort from Vettel, who started at the back of the grid!

4.03pm BST

Lap 62/64 Albon blocks off Gasly and Gasly can’t stay away, bumping him and ruining his own chances±

4.02pm BST

Lap 61/64 Verstappen extends his lead – it’s 2.475s to Kvyat, who leads Stroll … no he doesn’t! He can’t handle Vettel’s power, and Vettel takes him out!

4.01pm BST

Lap 61/64 Juna Pablo Montoya once finished second from the back of the grid; can Vettel get onto the podium? He’s fourth, less than half a second behind Stroll!

4.00pm BST

Lap 60/64 Vettel gains on Sainz, who holds him off, then Vettel sorts him on the inside! Superb! Then Albon does Gasly to move sixth and it’s all going on!

3.59pm BST

Lap 59/64 The safety car departs and Verstappen steps on it! Five laps to go!

3.58pm BST

Lap 59/64 Right, our placing:

1. Verstappen

3.57pm BST

Lap 58/64 Bottas’ gaffer was proper vex when he spun off. Lovely stuff.

3.56pm BST

Lap 58/64 They reckon it’ll take three laps to remove Bottas’ debris as Hamilton pits again; presumably he’s seeking a fastest lap point, though needs to get into the top 10 for that.

3.55pm BST

Lap 57/64 Back comes the safety car as we see Bottas’s spin – he slides on a bit of water and his rear tyres take him off. That will not be unwelcome to the 15th-placed Hamilton; did I say 15th? I meant 15th and last.

3.53pm BST


3.52pm BST

Lap 56/64 Sainz is now in that battle for third with Stroll and Bottas, with Vettel behind them in sixth place.

3.52pm BST

Lap 55/64 Verstappen leads by 9.903 from Kvyat, while Bottas tries to relieve Stroll of his third place. Verstappen just got his tyres exactly right, while the rain came at exactly the wrong point for Hamilton.

3.50pm BST

Lap 54/64 Hamilton is 14th now, and pits for a change of tyres! He needs something out of Wacky Races!

3.49pm BST

Lap 53/64 It’s impossible to see anyone catching Verstappen now, and with Kvyat behind him we’re looking at a Honda one-two … but then Hamilton goes off the track! He went wide at a corner, too wide, spun, and though he managed to right himself lost plenty of time in so doing. His run of 22 point-accumulating races is surely at an end!

3.47pm BST

Lap 52/64 Vettel is carving through the field, currently sitting seventh but lapping fastest of all of them. Hamilton has been extremely quiet since finding himself 12th.

3.46pm BST

Lap 51/64 Stroll was the first Canadian to lead a race since Jacques Villeneuve, but now he’s third – Kvyat passes him. The gap to Verstappen is 9.128s/

3.45pm BST

Lap 50/64 Albon goes by Magnussen as the track dries out…

3.44pm BST

Lap 48/64 This is an absolutely ridiculous race! Verstappen nails Stroll and records the fastest lap of the race, then seconds later Kvyat beats it; in between the two is Stroll, and fourth is Bottas, fifth is Sainz, sixth is Magnussen.

3.42pm BST

Lap 48/64 Hamilton pits and Stroll takes the lead! Verstappen is just behind – 0.176s – and Hamilton serves his penalty to rejoin the race in twelfth.

3.41pm BST

Lap 47/64 Bottas pits too and Hamilton leads the race now, 2.556s ahead of Raikkonen, from Vettel, from Giovinazzi, from Stroll, from Verstappen.

3.39pm BST

Lap 46/64 Off goes the safety car and Albon and Sainz both attack Hamilton! One on each side! But around the corner he holds it down! Albon then finds himself sliding from fourth to eighth, while in front Verstappen extends his lead to 3.964 before pitting for slicks!

3.38pm BST

Lap 45/64 There’s no rain expected so Bottas’ team tell him he needs to get at Verstappen immediately. Hamilton, meanwhile, will probably need to pit at some point, which will mean he has to take his penalty then, not at the line. The safety car is almost away.

3.36pm BST

Lap 44/64 Imagine John Terry taking a penalty on this track.

3.35pm BST

Lap 44/64 We see Hulkenberg debriefing with his team; he looks “gutted”.

3.33pm BST

Lap 43/64 Vettel leads Bottas by 1.8s as the safety car mooches around; Hamilton will be gearing up for a proper assault when it departs but would presumably have liked as long as possible to make up the gap.

3.30pm BST

Lap 42/64 Vettel, seventh, also pits and picks inters.

3.30pm BST

Lap 41/64 Hulkenberg is out of his car as Hamilton closes on Bottas and Verstappen pits onto inters!

3.29pm BST

Lap 41/64 Well this has been a quiet night in at the library. No podium for Hulkenberg, who finds himself off the track – it’s not obvious how he’s done that – and that’ll be the safety car back on! What a mistake!

3.27pm BST

Lap 40/64 Rare mistake from Raikkonen who slides, misses his steer, drives off the track and has to force his way back on. He’s ninth now.

3.25pm BST

Lap 39/64 But Hamilton isn’t having it; he’s never be satisfied, and absolutely nails Hulkenberg. That’s him in third, roughly 11 seconds off the pace and two behind Bottas.

3.24pm BST

Lap 38/64 Hulkenberg has never finished on the podium, but might just manage it today if Hamilton gets another penalty. It’s raining a little, but not heavily.

3.23pm BST

Lap 37/64 Verstappen is seven seconds clear but Hamilton is going faster than him – though he’s also under investigation for behind the safety car behaviour. Bottas, meanwhile, is far too quick for Hulkenberg and passes him into second. The lead is 8.583s.

3.22pm BST

Lap 36/64 Hamilton is absolutely ganting to do Albon, who bravely holds him up to begin with but has no answer when he goes by.

3.20pm BST

Lap 35/64 Versatppen pulls away from Hulkenberg – his lead is 4.643 now and increasing all the time.

3.19pm BST

Lap 34/64 Five second penalty for Hamilton for going the wrong side of the bollard! If he pits again he’ll have to wait the time out; if he doesn’t it’ll be added to his finishing time!

3.18pm BST

Lap 34/64 Let’s go racing! Off they go again! Hamilton is 4.70 off the front!

3.17pm BST

Lap 33/64 The safety car is away presently.

3.16pm BST

Lap 33/64 Albon is doing pretty well for someone who’s never driven an F1 car in the rain. Or maybe it’s not that difficult.

3.15pm BST

Lap 33/64 Verstappen leads by 0.801 from Hulkonen, then it’s Bottas, Albon, Hamilton, Sainz, Raikkonen, Vettel. This is so set-up it’s ridiculous.

3.13pm BST

Lap 32/64 Hamilton’s team don’t think the damage to the car is too bad, but meantime he’s down in fifth.

3.12pm BST

Lap 31/64 Hamilton might’ve gone into the pits the wrong side of the bollards … they’re investigating. Versatappen, on intermediates, leads and looks good all of a sudden!

3.11pm BST

Lap 30/64 The safety car is still out but Bottas goes in and Verstappen leads!

3.10pm BST

Lap 30/64 Who saw that coming? Hamilton was absolutely cruising, but now he’s fifth behind Albon, Hulkenberg, Verstappen and Bottas – that’s in ascending order.

3.09pm BST

Lap 30/64 OH MY DAYS! Hamilton goes off where Leclerc did, manages to stay on, and needs a new front wing! They’re not ready for him in the pits and Bottas takes the lead! It’s all going on!

3.08pm BST

Lap 29/64 Nightmare for Leclerc, who was in position to challenge for the lead, and he hollers his agony. Looking again, a tiny bit of understeer saw him slide, the back came out from under him and there he went. The safety car comes on…

3.06pm BST

Lap 29/64 Hamilton goes in while Leclerc stays ahead of Bottas. Hamilton’s stop is a long one and LECLERC GOES WIDE AND CRASHES OUT!

3.05pm BST

Lap 28/64 Norris has lost power and is off!

1. Hamilton

3.03pm BST

Lap 27/64 In goes Bottas … and Verstappen spins on a kerb and is driving very slowly indeed! Will that be the beginning of the end for him?

3.02pm BST

Lap 26/64 Leclerc’s advantage is done; he’s no longer lapping faster than the rest, but sits third now Verstappen has pitted.

3.01pm BST

Lap 26/64 Verstappen goes in! Red Bull gamble, and go for mediums, maybe even to the end!

3.00pm BST

Lap 25/64 Hamilton leads by 8.599, and is asking his boys how Magnussen’s getting on on slicks. The answer is pretty well. The corners are wet, but everywhere else is largely dry.

2.59pm BST

Lap 25/64 Vettel pits and comes back in 11th, Grossjean passing him, but he’s on softs. If it doesn’t rain properly, he’ll be set; if it does, his team will look silly.

2.58pm BST

Lap 24/64 I can’t even remember the last time we saw Hamilton. He’s in quarantine there at the front.

2.57pm BST

Lap 23/64 Magnussen, in 16th, pits, and goes for slicksI think. It’s raining and will continue so to do for 10 minutes, but with very little enthusiasm.

2.56pm BST

Lap 22/64 Bottas leads Verstappen by 1.1310s; Verstappen has closed slightly, but has roughly seven laps before Leclerc is right in his chevy chase.

2.54pm BST

Lap 21/64 Vettel doesn’t like his tyres but his team are keeping him out for at least one more lap. He’s seventh currently, and can only be pleased with that except he isn’t because that’s the type of people these people are.

2.53pm BST

Lap 20/64 We’re expecting more rain in the immediate future, but in the meantime Leclerc, on intermediates, is still on a boust. He’s gained six places after starting tenth on the grid and is 4.7s behind Verstappen, whom he’s chasing.

2.51pm BST

Lap 19/64 Cut to see Sainz with his nose into the wall. He manages to get himself out of there, but is now 15th! We then see that he went into a spin, and apologises to his team.

2.50pm BST

Lap 19/64 Leclerc’s boys tell him he’s the quickest, and he’s closing the gap a little.

2.49pm BST

Lap 18/64 Leclerc was more than three seconds faster than Hamilton on that last lap. He’s in fourth, more than six seconds behind Versatppen.

2.48pm BST

Lap 17/64 Verstappen fancies he can get Bottas! But then he gets too close, the back of the car doesn’t stick, he turns away from the lane and from the corner, and ends up having to go off the track to stay involved!

2.46pm BST

Lap 16/64 Versatppen contemplates slicks, decides against it on this lap but is still discussing the possibility.

2.46pm BST

Lap 16/64 Hamilton leads by 6.513 now, which is decent – we’ve hardly seen him, which tells you how comfortable he is.

2.45pm BST

Lap 15/64 Ricciardo was going for his seventh finish on the spin, and they chuck out the virtual safety car while they clear the much.

2.44pm BST

Lap 14/64 Gosh, Ricciardo’s car is gozzing muck all over the show and he’s out of the race!

2.43pm BST

Lap 13/64 Vettel, it’s though, has a problem, and is losing time; Leclerc, meanwhile, avoids a penalty for an unsafe early release, but Ferrari are fined. I don’t see the point of that, given I’m fairly sure they can find the funds down the back of the couch.

2.41pm BST

Lap 12/64 Raikonnen is pulling away from Vettel, who’s seventh; he was getting caught by Sainz, but is now back building the difference. We’re expecting rain in the next 10-15 minutes.

2.39pm BST

Lap 11/64 So our leaderboard goes:


2.38pm BST

Lap 11/64 It’s drying up pretty quickly, we’re told.

2.37pm BST

Lap 10/64 Hamilton looks so solid out there. It’s hard to see anyone doing anything about this … but there’s heavier rain expected in the next 10-15 minutes.

2.35pm BST

Lap 9/64 Vettle’s up from 20th to ninth; I daresay he famcies himself for some podium here.

2.35pm BST

Lap 8/64 Vettel passes Magnussen and so does Sainz. Hamilton’s lead is 2.8.

2.33pm BST

Lap 7/64 Vettel is 17-odd seconds behind Hamilton, but Hamilton is extending his lead at the front. He, Bottas and Verstappen are miles faster that the rest.

2.32pm BST

Lap 6/64 Vettel up to eighth now, and this is excellent from him.

2.31pm BST

Lap 5/64 Behind Magnussen, in fifth, is Leclerc … but he storms past! He had so much more power there, and Hulkenberg also bousts away.

2.29pm BST

Lap 5/64 Bottas rushes past Magnussen and Verstappen goes by him too, able to break much later than both the others.

2.28pm BST

Lap 4/64 The safety flag goes in and we’re back away again. Hamilton pulls away…

2.27pm BST

Lap 4/64 Bottas and Versatppen both pit, so Magnussen is now second with Bottas third, Verstappen fourth.

2.26pm BST

Lap 4/64 Hamilton has time to pit and come out still in front. His lead is 5.912.

2.25pm BST

Lap 3/64 Vettel goes in for some intermediates; Hamilton is told that he’s going into the pits behind the safety car

2.24pm BST

Lap 2/64 Sainz has already been off three times, and Vettel is 13th. Verstappen, meanwhile, barges past Raikkonen, and Perez bangs into the wall, ends up with a flat, and THE SAFETY CAR IS COMING ON!

2.23pm BST

Lap 2/64 Versappen is fourth, Hulkonen fifth, then Leclerc, Gorssjean and Sainz! Hamilton leads by 2.254, pretty good!

2.22pm BST

Lap 1/64 Vettel is up six places already!

2.21pm BST

Lap 1/64 Hamilton gets away well, and Bottas does Verstappen right away! So does Raikkonen!

2.20pm BST


2.20pm BST

It’s now a 64-lap race! Those three have come off the total.

2.20pm BST

The safety car skips off to the pits, and the cars pull into the grid. We’re nearly there…

2.19pm BST

Come on lads, let’s be having you.

2.17pm BST

And round they go again!

2.16pm BST

Hamilton wants to get on with it.

2.15pm BST

They go round for another lap, behind the safety car, and no one’s quite sure what’s going on: whether it’s a rolling start or a standing start.

2.14pm BST

I take it back. The Racing Point car looks like Germolene.

2.13pm BST

And off we go…

2.10pm BST

The formation laps will start on time, behind the safety car, with everyone on wets.

2.07pm BST

They reckon it’s going to be raining for the first hour ten or so. Basically, we need Choni HaM’agel; “circle-drawing incident” is one of my favourite Wikipedia headings ever.

2.04pm BST

The Racing Point car looks like a tube of toothpaste.

2.01pm BST

Norris notes that not only is it wet but there’s poor visibility. He’s got some confidence, and pretending not to be arsed that Vettel’s next to him.

1.58pm BST

Vettel is forced to answer questions, confirming that he’s on wets while striding purposefully away and wearing an “I’m being super friendly but do one” face.

1.57pm BST

Various of the drivers haven’t experienced a wet race, and Alex Albon, who is one of them, confirms that it’s very slippery out there.

1.56pm BST

Anthem time!

1.52pm BST

Kevin Magnussen is using wets or, put another way, there’s no definitive school of thought about how to approach these conditions.

1.51pm BST

The Renault drivers aren’t sure what tyres to use, we learn. George Russell says it’s very slippery but doesn’t think it needs a safety car start.

1.49pm BST

The track doesn’t look too wet, says Martin Brundle, so intermediates are the order of the day.

1.47pm BST

Talking of yerman…

An incredible reaction from the Hockenheim crowd after @SchumacherMick completes some laps in his father Michael’s Ferrari F2004 #F1 #GermanGP @ScuderiaFerrari

1.45pm BST

Should every race be in the rain? I believe there’s a procedure called seeding that can make this happen.

1.40pm BST

They got me at “punch-ups”.

1.37pm BST

Lando Norris, who qualified 16th, will now be starting from the back of the grid after taking on new MGU-K, energy store and control electronics.

1.35pm BST

Lots of drivers are sneaking in an extra little practice. There’s bare spritz all over the show.

1.33pm BST

It’s pretty wet in Hockenheim, so I assume Schumacher will win.

1.30pm BST

I’m not surprised Hamilton is pushing through. Everyone knows that you force yourself to work when you’re ill so you can take a sickie when you’re in shape to enjoy it.

1.02pm BST

It’s one of those where he’s almost doing too well. Of the 11 Grands Prix so far this season, Lewis Hamilton has won eight, finished second twice, and fifth once, leading Valtteri Bottas at the top of the driver standings by 39 points. He’s in a good spot.

Problem being that he’s now ill. Not too ill to secure pole position for today’s race, but finding a few fast laps is not the same as putting body and mind through 67 of the blighters. Behind him, Jos Verstappen and Bottas, second and third on the grid respectively, will be fancying the ruckus.

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Mick Schumacher gives hope to German F1 with Hockenheim run

Michael Schumacher’s son, now in F2, will drive a lap in his father’s old car and it could be timely for a threatened circuit

This weekend’s German Grand Prix will almost certainly be the race’s farewell to Formula One, for the time being at least. It bows out with a flourish, a back to the future moment as a Schumacher climbs once more into a Ferrari, recalling the heady days when Michael sold out Hockenheim year-in, year-out. This time it is his son Mick at the wheel, a driver trying to make his name in his own right and who might yet bring the fans flocking back.

On Saturday, before qualifying, Mick took to the circuit in the Ferrari F2004, driven by Michael in 2004 when he took his seventh and final world championship. Today he will do another lap before the drivers’ parade. In 2004 Michael won at Hockenheim in a season he dominated, taking 13 victories and claiming the title at Spa, with four races remaining.

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Lewis Hamilton grabs F1 German GP pole as Sebastian Vettel starts from back

• Brit dominates as Ferrari suffer mechanical failures
• Max Verstappen qualifies second, Valtteri Bottas is third

Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the German Grand Prix as Ferrari’s challenge fell away at Hockenheim. The British driver put in a superb lap but two separate mechanical failures on the Ferrari cars ensured he only had to beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who was second and his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, who was third.

Charles Leclerc, who had shown the best pace all weekend, suffered a fuel system issue and did not set a time in the final session and will start from 10th. His teammate Sebastian Vettel did not even take to the track at all and will start at the back of the grid. Pierre Gasly was in fourth for Red Bull, with Kimi Räikkönen in fifth for Alfa Romeo.

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Sebastian Vettel to drive on despite an ill-matched car and the weight of Italy

Having not delivered in five seasons, speculation about the future of the four-times F1 champion at Ferrari is growing

Sebastian Vettel, despite everything, is still smiling. The equanimity with which he faces his shortcomings this season and the realisation his Ferrari team cannot challenge Mercedes for the Formula One title, says much for his character.

Yet competing in the 11 remaining races in a car with which he is struggling weighs heavy and that smile must be beginning to fade. Little wonder that debate in the paddock before his home race at the German Grand Prix on Sunday revolves around whether he will retire at the end of the season.

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